About The Blooming Farm

Come visit our New Hampshire farm and explore the vast selection of daylilies we have to offer! Owners Heather and Adam Pearson have over 800 varieties of beautiful field grown plants to choose from. Their fields are nestled between a small tree farm and pastures for horses. As natives to rural New Hampshire, the Pearsons have been involved with gardening for most of their lives and enjoy sharing their passion for daylilies with their customers both near and far!

The Blooming Farm
299 Stagecoach Rd
Barrington NH 03825

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The daylilies bloom from June through September. Peak season lasts from mid July through mid August. It is breath-taking to see the field in full bloom. If you want to pick up a large order, please call in advance, so we can have it ready when you get here.

Why daylilies?

Daylilies are long-lived garden plants that propagate easily, producing additional plants for your garden. Daylilies grow even in very difficult conditions. They thrive in moist conditions but are also drought resistant – easy to grow and low maintenance. They bloom best in full sun, but do well in partly shady gardens, too. Our daylilies are field-grown without herbicides or pesticides. Our cold climate produces proven hardy plants, able to survive winter dormancy without mulch.

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